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Planning to make my new EP in early 2020. I have 5 new songs in the lineup, though it's not final and subject to another round of scrutiny. And I'll be ringing in the '20s with a different kind of sound.
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Like A Lion
Like A Lion
On my own
Full of fire
When I run
And when I roam
Shinin' like the sun
On ev'ryone
When I'm livin' in my zone

I've got soul
And I've got style
I'm in control
While runnin' wild
You may not like
My stubborn side
But I stand proud
And dignified

Repeat Chorus

I've got fury
I've got fire
I'm focused
And I'm fortified
Please don't mind
My defiant drive
I don't dare
To be civilized

Repeat Chorus
Short Song Description:
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
Lyric Credits: Marc Silber
Music Credits: Marc Silber
Producer Credits: Marc Silber & Mark Blasco
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Marc Silber
Label Credits:
Song Length: 3:28
Primary Genre: Pop-Dance
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo / Feel: Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later
  Like A Lion (EP)