Marc Silber
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I just had "Sensation" remastered via the world class eMastered platform. I will keep both masters posted for now, with one marked "remastered". I'm in the process of uploading the remasters to various platforms, but you can now hear the entire album on  
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Marc Silber is a versatile singer, songwriter & producer, with his own unique "earthy yet dreamy" style. Although he's mostly known for "progressive pop," Silber also does soul, rock, blues, folk, country, new age and dance music. Each style represents a different version of himself, and he loves doing classic covers in concert, as well.

The "Professor Of Pop" has 13 full-length albums and an EP, which feature a colorful array of well-crafted, catchy crossovers. Silber's new album "Sensation" was released on December 28, 2023.
  Sensation [remastered]

Like A Lion (EP)