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Planning to make my new EP in early 2020. I have 5 new songs in the lineup, though it's not final and subject to another round of scrutiny. And I'll be ringing in the '20s with a different kind of sound.
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New EP
Planning to make my new EP in early 2020. I have 5 new songs in the lineup, though it's not final and subject to another round of scrutiny. And I'll be ringing in the '20s with a different kind of sound.
"Feel It To Heal It" Video Out Now!
The "FEEL IT TO HEAL IT" mini-movie music video is now available. Check it out on my YouTube channel via this link: . Thanks so much for your support, and be sure to comment on what "Feel It To Heal It" means to YOU!
Living "Like A Lion"
My "LIKE A LION" EP is largely about owning and confronting our challenges. It's also about having the inner strength and fortitude to embrace who we are, while acknowledging and moving toward who we can become.

Check it out on this site's "Albums" page, or
My new EP
I'm coming back with a ROAR in 2018! ...Check out my FRESH and FIERCE new sound!

Find my new EP "Like A Lion" on my Albums page (on this site),, or on SoundCloud:

Thanks so much for your support!
My New EP drops March 24!
I'm coming back with a ROAR in 2018! SO excited to announce that my new EP, "LIKE A LION", drops March 24.
My new single, "FEEL IT TO HEAL IT", was released today. Check it out here or on SoundCloud at

Thank You!
"FEEL IT TO HEAL IT": Coming Soon!
My new single "FEEL IT TO HEAL IT" was completed tonight and will be released on December 29. It's an energetic, empowering, catchy Pop/Dance song about overcoming your challenges by confronting them first. It's also a very timely sentiment with so many of us running, hiding or becoming complacent, numb and overwhelmed by everything happening in the world.
New Single
My new single is in production. If all goes well, it'll be complete in November, with the music video shoot slated for December. There will also be a Club Mix and possibly even a Slow Jam version of the song. I'm SO ready to come roaring back, 4 years after my last release.
New Music
I haven't released anything new since my "World Of Wonder" album in 2013. However, I started recording some new stuff in November 2016 which I want to complete and release this year (2017). However, I'm dealing with some obstacles right now, so we'll see.
"Marc Silber Medley" is HERE!
The "MARC SILBER MEDLEY" is now available! It features parts of all 15 songs on my new "Silber Essentials" compilation. It's a well-balanced blend of my core sound with many styles! ...And a great introduction to Marc Silber!

Available to download for FREE for a limited time (via my Songs page).
"Silber Essentials"
My new compilation ("SILBER ESSENTIALS") is now available! It features 15 tracks and many different musical styles, with 3 songs from each of my 5 albums (Spectrum > Rock Your World > Evergreen Dream > Demystified Bliss > World Of Wonder). Please check it out on my Albums page.

If you'd like to download, songs are available for 99 cents each. And if you download the whole thing, contact me and I'll send you a FREE CD or download of 1 regular Marc Silber album (of your choice).

I really appreciate your support. These albums took YEARS of hard work to make, tons of sacrifices, and it all cost me more than $45,000. Although "SILBER ESSENTIALS" doesn't contain all of my best stuff, it truly is the Essentials...a versatile yet well-balanced representation of my "core" sound. I hope you will enjoy it.
Video Compilation
I will be releasing a video compilation this fall. It will feature the highlights from 5 different shows.
I've arranged a small Preview show on June 27 in Eugene, to support my July 11 show at Oregon Country Fair.
Upcoming Show
I'll be playing Oregon Country Fair on Saturday, July 11.

"Ten Years From Now" is #1 on Broadjam's WA state chart, for a 5th day. AND Top 5 in the Folk category among 25,711 songs world-wide! Broadjam is a major international music licensing entity. See my LINKS page for direct access to these charts.
  Like A Lion (EP)