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I completed my new album @ 7:09 EST tonight, Nov 9. It's called "Sensation" and is set for release on December 28. This is my 1st collection since my "Like A Lion" EP (2018) and my 1st full-length album since "World Of Wonder" (2013). The new album includes a NEW version of "Where I Belong" (1st rel
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Marc Silber is a versatile singer, songwriter & producer, with his own unique style. Although he's mostly known for "progressive pop," Silber also does soul, rock, blues, folk, country, new age and dance music. Each style represents a different version of himself, and he loves doing classic covers in concert, as well.

The "Professor Of Pop" has 5 full-length albums and an EP, which feature a colorful array of well-crafted, catchy crossovers. Silber's latest work is his "LIKE A LION" EP (2018), with a new album on the way.
  Like A Lion (EP)