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My "LIKE A LION" EP is largely about owning and confronting our challenges. It's also about having the inner strength and fortitude to embrace who we are, while acknowledging and moving toward who we can become.

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Artist Bio
Marc Silber is a passionate, versatile singer/songwriter/producer, with an earthy, dreamy, theatrical style. Specializing in "progressive pop" as the "Professor Of Pop", Silber's unique and dynamic style resonates across a variety of audiences.

Delving deeply into pop, r&b/soul, dance, rock, folk, blues, new age, indie, jazz, classical and more, Marc claims that each musical style emulates naturally and merely represents a different version of himself.

The "Professor Of Pop" has 5 full-length albums to date, featuring a colorful array of well-crafted, catchy cross-overs. His brand-new "Silber Essentials" compilation is a balanced package featuring his "core sound", with 3 songs from each album.

Born in Manhattan but brought up sheltered in upstate New York, Silber started writing songs at summer camp when he was 13. It was then that he immediately knew his true calling in life.

Following years of musical obsession, Marc went against everyone's advice and moved to the New York City area at 18. It was a whole different world as he struggled to support himself working fast food restaurants. A year later, he would find himself sleeping in airports, followed by a sad stay at a youth homeless shelter (until they kicked him out for unknowingly breaking the rules!).

But incredibly, within just 6 months of getting thrown out of the shelter and into the streets, Silber secured a job at a fancy Park Avenue law firm, a nice apartment in Brooklyn and saved thousands to record his first professional demo! ...Starting to dream again at the tail end of his teens, he wrote "Ten Years From Now" during that period (which he'd record for his latest album, "World Of Wonder").

Silber struggled but managed to make 7 demo-albums (often doing everything himself in his tiny home studio) in New York, L.A. and Boston before finally making his first official "broadcast quality" album, "Spectrum" (financed entirely on credit cards).

Following the "Spectrum" sessions, Silber moved to Seattle where he got closer to nature, paid off his debt, developed a more balanced lifestyle, and produced his most recent albums.

Each song on 2013's "World Of Wonder" represents a different form of Wonder, eager to be explored. However, if you're just discovering this artist, "Silber Essentials" is the perfect introductory collection!

Be sure to check out Marc's new single (and first recording in 4 years), "Feel It To Heal It", released December 29, 2017.


  Like A Lion (EP)